Our design philosophy is about providing you with products that last. Products that are so durable, functional and timeless that they simply don't need to be replaced.

If you wash your clothes correctly, you can significantly extend their lifetime. This means you'll be able to enjoy your garments on even more adventures while reducing their environmental impact. 

You will find the essential instructions on the care label on each garment. Here are some extra tips to optimise your laundry routine:

Avoid using fabric softeners – they have a negative impact on the garment's performance and our environment. Fabric softeners leave a coating on the garment's fibres, affecting its moisture transportation and breathability. Some of the substances in fabric softeners are hard to break down for nature and harm water ecosystems. They also contain perfumes and substances that can cause allergic reactions.Make sure that zips are closed when washing. This will minimise the risk of fabrics getting caught on sharp edges during the wash and causing pilling and fibre shredding.Air out your clothes. We usually wash our clothes too much. Clothing that is not very soiled can be aired out instead. Fresh air is good for both people and clothing.Avoid machine drying. Our garments are made of premium-quality synthetic fabrics that dry quickly. Choose an eco-friendly detergent. See what fits your needs best and try to find local producers.