About us

Calão started as a creative dream of three kids who simply love cycling. Ever since we got our first bikes, we’ve been excitedly riding the streets of our neighbourhoods and venturing out to nature whenever we could. Some years later, Porto brought us together and became our second home. As our friendship grew, so did the appreciation of everyday biking.

Tapping into our shared interests and values, we envisioned a project where creativity and sustainable design could thrive. Together with local experts, we've reimagined materials that others would consider waste into a collection of cycling apparel for the modern commuter.

Meet The Kids


Family guy, architect and entrepreneur. A real commuter, always riding in style. Creative and design-savvy, he brings a strong sense of aesthetics into every sphere of his life. Elói cares about drivers' education and bike safety on the streets, especially now that he's biking with his son in a bike seat daily. He's been riding since he was a wee boy, and now teaches his little one to do the same.


Onė is a time-bending designer on wheels. Alongside Calão, she runs her own upcycled fashion brand that brings joy to everyone that gives it a try. Don't ask us how she does it, but her days are 48 hours, at least that's what it feels like. But no matter how busy it gets, she always finds the time for a coffee with her friends. She cares deeply about the wellbeing of others and the planet – no wonder she's dedicated her life to finding mindful alternatives to fast-paced consumption. You can meet Onė cruising the streets of Porto on her vintage road bike against all odds of the city, enjoying every moment of it.


Lives surrounded by friends and artists. Charming and upbeat, you never know when he will surprise you with a box of oranges from his orchard. Part-time photographer, part-time organic farmer and everyday scrapyard digger, he still finds time to run Estúdio Plata – a ceramic art co-work and atelier. João is always up for a new challenge and loves riding his vintage road bicycle (when it's not in the repair shop).