Sustainable in every detail

Respect for people and the planet is the foundation of our design. We use production leftovers, aka deadstock materials, to manufacture our garments. This means that no new fabrics are produced for us, and we can make the most of the already existing resources that the fast-spinning fashion world has left behind. Since deadstock fabrics usually come in limited quantities, so do our shirts. Every shirt in a batch is numbered, making it a collectable garment to treasure. You will find its handwritten mark on the care label. We also upcycle bike tubes collected from local bike repair stores to make our accessories.

Our products are made for everyday adventures in the city and in nature, on and off the bike. By choosing versatile garments suited for many occasions, you can keep your wardrobe smarter and smaller, reducing the need to buy more clothing. Thanks to the minimalistic design that lives beyond momentary trends, we can offer collections that can be worn and enjoyed for a long time. We believe in keeping it simple and stay away from unnecessary detailing. It leaves plenty of room to add personal touches and makes repairing our garments easier.

Keeping it circular

We propose to repair any damage on the garments and accessories before you consider replacing them. Contact us if you need a solution or tips of repair. When the piece does not suit your needs anymore, you can donate, exchange, sell it in local flea markets or on online platforms like Vinted. No clothes deserve to be abandoned! The longevity program prolongs live of  reduces amount of garments going to landfills.